Unpaid invoices can cause significant disruption to your business, and ensuring a steady cash flow can be paramount to its growth (and survival).

So what can you do to help your business maintain a healthy cash flow?

1. Invoice

Check that your invoices contain all the relevant information to speed up the payment process. This should include:

– Your contact details
– A clear description of the services or goods provided by your business
– Payment terms and conditions, with the a clear due date for payment

2. Reminders

Send a friendly reminder in advance of the due date ensuring that you provide a further copy of the invoice and terms and conditions.

3. Chase for payment

In the event that your customer fails to make payment then you should send correspondence chasing for payment of the invoice and warn that additional charges may apply.

4. Commence legal action

If you receive no response, or the invoice becomes disputed then commencing legal action might be your best option for your business. At debtrecoverysolicitor.com we are experts in helping businesses to recover money they due at all stages. We will help you choose the right recovery option tailored to your business. Call us on 0800 009 6591