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Our Service

We have years of experience in debt recovery, and can offer tailored solutions to you and your business.

We will aim to deal with your debt claim fast and efficiently.

In many cases, all it takes is a well written letter from our debt recovery team to encourage prompt payment of money that you are owed, or to trigger a response.

Where this is ineffective, we can commence court proceedings.

We will submit a claim to the relevant Court with details of who owes you the debt, how much the debt is for and what it relates to. We may also be able to claim interest on the debt owed as well as contribution towards your legal fees.

If judgment is obtained in your favour, there are various enforcement options available:

  • Instructing a High Court Enforcement Officer to seize goods under a Warrant of Execution
  • Deductions from the debtor’s wages under an Attachment of Earnings order
  • A Charging Order over property owned by the debtor
  • Bankruptcy or compulsory liquidation
  • Obtaining payment directly from a third party e.g. the debtor’s bank

In the event of a genuine dispute about the debt then your claim will be transferred to our Commercial Litigation team who will be able to provide specialist advice on the dispute.