Fixed Fee Pricing

We can offer fixed fee services in relation to unpaid invoices which are not disputed by the other party. If the other party disputes your claim at any point we will discuss any further work required and provide you with advice which might be on a fixed fee or an hourly rate.

Our fixed fees are shown below.

Letter Before Action £200.00 plus VAT

We will review initial documents, draft and issue a Letter Before Action demanding payment. If the other party then disputes the debt, we will review and advise on the response received.

Court Proceedings

If no recovery is made following the issue of the Letter Before Action then it may be necessary to issue proceedings and obtain a County Court Judgment.

Before commencing court proceeding, we will provide a tailored advice of the prospects of recovery of the debt taking into account your business needs and costs implication of any action taken. Our overall fees for debt recovery litigation will vary depending upon how complex your case is and what you would like us to do.

Our costs for issuing proceedings are as follows:

Debt Amount
Up to £300
£300 – £500
£500 – £1,000
£1,000 – £1,500
£1,500 – £3,000
£3,000 – £5,000
£5,000 – £10,000
£10,000 – £200,000
Over £200,000
Our Fees
£150 plus VAT
£160 plus VAT
£170 plus VAT
£200 plus VAT
£200 plus VAT
£300 plus VAT
£500 plus VAT
Fees to be agreed
Fees to be agreed
Court Fee
5% of the claim
Application to Court for Default Judgment £40.00 plus VAT

If the debtor does not defend the proceedings we may be able apply to the court to obtain judgment for you. This would bring the proceedings to an end and give you a court order that you could enforce to recover payment of the debt.

Defended Claim

If the other party submits a defence to your claim then the matter will be handled by our Commercial Litigation team who will charge for the work at an agreed hourly rates.

Enforcement Proceedings

If we are successful in obtaining judgment for you but payment is still not received then we will advise you on next steps, and the likely associated costs.

These fees are based on the assumption that the claim is not disputed or defended.

Letter demanding payment of Court Judgment £50.00 plus VAT
Once we have obtained judgment we will write to the other party demanding payment of the judgment debt.
Writ of Control £90.00 plus VAT
Instructing a High Court Enforcement Officer to seize goods.
Court Fee: £71.00
HCEO Fee: £90.00
Warrant of execution £90.00 plus VAT
Court Fee: £83.00
Charging Order £700.00 plus VAT
Attachment of Earnings £250.00 plus VAT
Court Fee: £119.00
Third Party Debt Order £700.00 plus VAT
Court Fee: £119.00
Statutory Demand £650.00 plus VAT
Bankruptcy Proceedings £1,900.00 plus VAT
Winding Up Petition £1,900.00 plus VAT